While sitting around the table watching an episode of the Korean drama “Fated to Love You” (my SO had command of the TV, watching football highlights), he called my attention to an article concerning an island-wide extortion ring. I listened in stunned astonishment as he spoke of the audacity of these enterprising thieves who decided to send a letter to business owners across the island, threatening them with dire consequences if they did not concede to their (the criminal’s) demands. This letter informs the hard working business men that if they were to move their business to a different section of the island they would be killed. Honestly, I knew Jamaica’s crime problem was bad but this is just a whole new low. Why should anyone give up their hard earned money just so that some low life can line their own mangy pockets?

The extortion letter that is circulating (from The Jamaica Gleaner)

Over the past few years, crime has risen from sporadic night time attacks on both the innocent and guilty to daring daily daylight shoot outs, stabbings, kidnapping, extortion, larceny and other forms of criminal activities that mostly end in at least one person’s death. It’s gotten to the point that even handing over everything in your possession (even if it’s your phone and the $200 for your bus or taxi fare home) doesn’t guarantee that you will draw another breath. There is no honor among thieves and this seems to be the same among other criminals in this tiny island. I would honestly think that they’d have some decency to leave a man, woman or child with their life. Then again, maybe they don’t have anything decent about them. They are after all nothing but thieves and murderers.

I love my island home but the atrocities that have been taking place here are heartbreaking. One would think that the police might be able to provide some relief but with some being killed and rumors of a portion of the police force contributing to and supporting the criminal activities, there is little or no relief to be found. Even though some communities protest when someone is killed (chanting “we want justice”) and even hunt down the one(s) responsible to turn over to the police or dispense their own brand of justice, there are others who believe it is better to protect the perpetrators from the law.

I feel as if this mumble could go on for a very long time and believe it’s best to draw it to a close (as you know from past experience that I can go on and on). I know that crime is everywhere; I read about it everyday and see it on the news, but sometimes I mumble to myself…