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Taurus Send Off

On Friday, our team went out for a send off dinner that was being held for an employee who was leaving the company (Jody, you shall be missed). The venue chosen for this sendoff was the Taurus Court Restaurant located... Continue Reading →

An Eventful Wednesday Evening

So there I was, walking downtown, heading for the area where I knew I could get a New Kingston taxi. Waiting for a lull in the movement of traffic, I looked across the road and realized that there weren't a... Continue Reading →

Sweet, Sweet Mango Time

It’s mango time here in Jamaica and has been for a while. That oh so sweet time of year where you can get a bamboo stick (or a couple rocks), head for the mango tree (or trees) in your yard,... Continue Reading →

Saturday Soup

For many households in Jamaica, soup is a must for Saturday's dinner. Chicken foot soup, chicken neck soup, chicken back soup, chicken soup (believe me, it's different from the previous mentioned chicken based soups), corned beef soup, beef soup, red... Continue Reading →

Champs Time Again!!!

This morning I was waiting at the bus stop with my SO for a bus or taxi to take to Half Way Tree, one of the stops on our way to work. We were talking about the sports we both... Continue Reading →

Jamaican Sayings (Part 2)

The Jamaican patois (patwah) is a really interesting language. We may speak the same language, but unlike the many others in existence, there are various ways to spell most words. For instance, the Jamaican patois for girl can be spelt... Continue Reading →

Jamaican Sayings

Jamaica is a country full of interesting people, places and phrases. This mumble will focus on some of these phrases as I realized that just like our traditions, they are slowly being forgotten. Sure, you will come across members of... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award

So, this morning I put up a new post and decided to check out what's been happening since my last mumble in February and wow, did I miss a lot. Imagine my surprise and extreme happiness (bouncing in my seat here) to learn... Continue Reading →

Why Crime?

While sitting around the table watching an episode of the Korean drama "Fated to Love You" (my SO had command of the TV, watching football highlights), he called my attention to an article concerning an island-wide extortion ring. I listened... Continue Reading →

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