As my mother got older, our family’s financial circumstances improved. In the grand scheme of things we were still poor, but due to savings and wise financial decisions, my grandparents were able to get the house wired for electricity, purchase more clothes, furniture and appliances (appliances such as a fridge, television and stove) and send my mother and some of her siblings to high school and college. Thinking on the stories of those days gone past, I can’t help but feel a little envious. Sure, I grew up with a television, fridge and stove and was able to talk to my parents about any subject, something that they couldn’t dare mention in their days as children. Yes, I had my own room (most of the time) and my very own bed. Of course, I used to run and play with my friends in the yard, on the road, in neighbours’ yards, at the river, and at school. And yes, I did go to university and received my Bachelors (thank you UTech). However, those times seem to me to have been simpler and easier times.

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There was no need to fear a trigger happy gunman or opportunity driven thief taking your life. No need to worry that someone broke into your house while you were asleep or away. No need to worry that you or your family would go hungry as there were always bounty from the farm and river to rely on. No need to worry about family stabbing you in the back because in those times family was everything, no matter what. Yes, there was still political contention in those days but I do believe I would be much more likely to survive wearing green or orange (red back then) during election time without worrying that I’d upset the wrong vengeful person. My mother actually told me that when one group was passing by, you could show the opposite group’s sign and the only thing would happen was them shaking their sign at you.

I would very much love to visit those good old days, so would someone please hurry up and invent a two-way time machine. As even though to go back there would be a wonderful experience, I am a modern woman and need today’s technology to survive.

This modern woman needs technology
This modern woman needs technology

With these words, I draw to a close the long (hella long) epistle that is The Good Old Days. I hope these past few weeks of mumbling on them brought up memories of your own or stories you have been told of the past.