On Friday, our team went out for a send off dinner that was being held for an employee who was leaving the company (Jody, you shall be missed). The venue chosen for this sendoff was the Taurus Court Restaurant located on Lady Musgrave Road and from prior experience I can say that I was looking forward to the food there. When work ended at 5pm, instead of heading out as I normally do (the traffic home is hell) I stayed in my seat, got on Deezer and YouTube and listened to some music (mainly Barrington Levy, Sim Simma and King of the Dancehall by Beenie Man, Tempted to Touch by Rupee and Money 2 Burn by T.O.K.) until we were ready to head out for the 7PM reservation.

Taurus Court

After getting there, we were seated (5 of us made it there first) while we waited for the rest of the group to get there. Once everyone but one person was there, we decided to order. Now that might seem rude but we were all used to him being late. So rather that wait for him to show up after 8pm, we all took up our menus and scoured each page for the delicacies that we would devour. After much deliberation (nearing on 30 minutes) and discussing with the server and owners if the bills can be separate, we all found what we would order.

For appetizer, the others had an assortment of foods ranging from wonton soup to egg drop soup to crab soup to fried wontons and others. I chose shrimp balls for myself and I did not regret that decision. So yummy!!! Also, remember that one person who was running late? He turned up a few minutes after we had put in our orders.

Shrimp Balls

For the main course, my team mates went all out as can be seen below. They ordered a variety of chicken and pork dishes, a fish dish, vegetable fried rice and special fried rice. For myself, I took shrimp in butter sauce. Sadly, I was distracted by the food and forgot to take a picture until I had served myself (wanga gut!!!). Even though, we all ordered different foods, we all took a bit of the dishes that we wanted to taste. Other than slight hiccups where someone ate something they shouldn’t have and some people disliking the pork egg foo yung and the thai chicken, the “nyamings” part of the send off went really well. Especially with the drinks that accompanied it.

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Now my mother always said, “Before good food waste, belly buss” (“Before good food waste, belly burst”), but there was no way we could finish it all off. So, once we were all sated, and after each person had given their own send off speech, and wished Jody well, most of the remains were bagged to be taken home.

Surveying the damage

Then came the moment of truth. That part of the dining you dread, the instant when your heart cries in pain as your wallet/purse/bank account gets slimmer. The bill. Now, aside from the shrimp balls and shrimp in butter sauce, I had also ordered something to take home to my SO, lobster in butter sauce. I had wanted to treat him so I thought it was a good idea to get that for him (and you best believe that I was gonna sneak a piece of that lobster if I could when I got home). As I watched the waiter, Colin, go around the table, handing each person their own bill, I reached for my purse and took out $6500, as to my calculation (without the tip), the bill would not go any higher. Oh was I wrong.

Tear-jerking bill

I should have known though. Pained my heart, but I really should have known. After we all chipped in and paid for Jody’s dinner (after all, she was the guest of honor), it was time to go. We thanked the owners for a good meal, gave our goodbyes, and headed downstairs to our individual rides. All in all, I have to say, it was a good send off dinner.

This is where this mumble draws to a close and yes, as I had said I would do before, I did get to eat a piece of the lobster… my SO insisted.