So there I was, walking downtown, heading for the area where I knew I could get a New Kingston taxi. Waiting for a lull in the movement of traffic, I looked across the road and realized that there weren’t a lot of taxis to choose from. In fact, the only one that was there that was ready to move off was a white plate. Honestly, I knew better, but I went against my gut instinct and jumped into it. As we got closer to Crossroads, the taxi let off one of its passengers and I realized aside from myself, there were just two more passengers, a male and a female. My mind flashed back to news reports I had been hearing of passengers being kidnapped and robbed by drivers of white plate taxis. In all the stories I heard, there was an additional man in the taxi that helped to rob the occupants. I was a little paranoid and my gut was trying to tell me something, so I kept thinking that when the female passenger got off I would do the same. I really should have listened to my gut.

Should have listened

When the taxi got to a stop light in Crossroads, the traffic was heavy and I glanced around to check it out. All of a sudden, the taxi jerked forward, causing me to quickly turn my eyes forward. What did I see? A transport authority bus blocking the road. Why would this cause the taxi driver to act the way he did? He wasn’t a licensed taxi driver. What else did he do? Proceed to drive like a mad man, try to swerve around the car in-front him, hit that car then hit the small bridge railing beside the road. Police jumped out of the transport authority’s bus and tried to stop him during all of this. Meanwhile I was frantically looking for my chance to escape the car as I refused to get shot or pepper sprayed due to my mistake of entering that vehicle. That chance came once the driver reversed, hit the car behind him and a policeman pushed his hand in the driver’s window. Now, I couldn’t see what was in his hand clearly but the fact that he was holding something was enough to give me the push I needed.

Happened right up the road from Carib 5

Call me a coward but I screamed, raised my bag in front my eyes (as if it could save my life) grabbed that door handle, and jumped out the car like my seat was on fire. Don’t know how, but within seconds I was several feet from the car that was quickly being surrounded by police. I saw that the female passenger who was sitting in front me has also escaped from the car, but could find no sign of the male passenger. I watched the police take hold of the driver and realised that he had been hit with pepperspray. After my heart stopped beating like a drum and my breathing returned to normal, I found out that the female passenger had been caught by the spray as well. We both stood there, rueing the fact that we had taken that taxi and forever grateful that we both escaped with just pepperspray for her and fright for me. Though now that I’m writing this mumble a few hours later, I’m feeling some sharp pains in my torso. Really hoping that they aren’t as a result of what happened. Anyway, walk good.