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Good Old Days (Part Three)

As my mother got older, our family's financial circumstances improved. In the grand scheme of things we were still poor, but due to savings and wise financial decisions, my grandparents were able to get the house wired for electricity, purchase... Continue Reading →


Date Night No. 1

So, my SO and I went on our first date night this month to TGI Fridays. We were so excited to go out and have fun, to eat good food and talk over drinks, to enjoy decadent desserts (yes I... Continue Reading →

Good Old Days (Part Two)

According to my family, in the old days, children played together, ate together, slept over at one another’s homes, just like they do today. Those children who were left alone while their parents went about their daily business were looked... Continue Reading →

Good Old Days (Part One)

My mother and grandfather used to tell me tales of when my mother was a child. Of how their clothes were starched so heavily they were stiff. Of using little hand irons that had to heated by fire to iron... Continue Reading →

New Year Sinting

It’s that time of year where people once again make New Year’s resolutions and then a couple months or weeks down the road they (conveniently) forget it or quit altogether. To lose weight, to finally quit smoking, to stop drinking,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time Again

A Jamaican Christmas is a slightly chilly one (blame the Christmas breeze), unless of course you are in the parish of Manchester. Then it’s just darn cold. Even so, all over the island, no matter which walk of life you... Continue Reading →

The Moving Woes!!!

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to The Mumbler. This week has been a hectic one. My Significant Other (SO) and I moved to our new place on the weekend and since then we have been unpacking, cleaning, tossing out... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Mumbler

Hello and welcome to The Mumbler!!!!! There are times when I feel the need to write down my thoughts on the various happenings in my life, my island home (Jamaica) and the world around me. This blog serves the purpose... Continue Reading →

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