So, my SO and I went on our first date night this month to TGI Fridays. We were so excited to go out and have fun, to eat good food and talk over drinks, to enjoy decadent desserts (yes I know I said I was going to lose weight but it’s date night). Keep in mind that this mumble is not a review of the franchise’s (TGI Fridays) offerings, just a review of how our date night was.

After being seated by a well-mannered waitress (we got there just in time as only 2 tables were free) we were handed our menus and glasses of water. As we skipped through and saw the scrumptious looking food that were available we looked at each other and agreed that this date would be awesome. So when the waitress came back to take our order, we were ready and waiting to dive into some delicious food.

For our appetizer, he had the Parmesan-crusted chicken quesadilla while I went for the shrimp and chips. When our plates arrived they looked so yummy… and then we took our first respective bites. His was so good (no I didn’t steal any, yes he fed me some), and mine was so… blah. There is something about Jamaicans I would like to stress. We love when our food is seasoned and cooked properly. LOVE IT. So while his food was done well, mine didn’t have as much seasoning as I would have liked. To be honest, the shrimp tasted bland, but the chips and accompanying deep fried broccoli and sweet peppers were so good (for me anyways, he refused to taste them).

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For the entrée, he ordered sizzling chicken and shrimp, while I got the Friday’s shrimp. When they say sizzling, they mean sizzling. You could hear the sizzle from across the room as the waitress brought it out. I was so ready to put the blandness of the appetizer behind me and since we had received our Ultimate Mudslide by then, I had the pleasantly smooth alcoholic drink to bring me over to the main course. Sadly, we were both disappointed. The fries had no salt, the shrimp was bland and so was his sizzling chicken and shrimp. Trust me, we both tasted our respective meals and agreed on this. The saving grace at that moment was the Ultimate Mudslide.

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We looked at each other when the question came up about dessert. Did we dare? He was unwilling to take on the challenge, but I was. So I ordered myself a Mocha Mud Pie. On the first forkful I was sold. It was the most delicious chocolate anything I had ever had in my life. Maybe the sounds I was making tempted my SO, but he took a bite and after that we just couldn’t help ourselves. It went really fast after that, though we tried to slowly savour it.

Mocha Mud Pie

At the end of date night we had decided that even though the food was not up to what we had expected we would go back to Fridays for drinks and dessert. Why? Because those were just spectacular.