It’s that time of year where people once again make New Year’s resolutions and then a couple months or weeks down the road they (conveniently) forget it or quit altogether. To lose weight, to finally quit smoking, to stop drinking, to save up for that car and/or the new house, to make themselves a better person. Now, normally I would be one of the individuals who scoffed at making such promises, I would be saying I would NEVER do that, no not for me. However, this New Year has me making one of those dreaded things (sigh), and it’s all my fault. This year’s resolution (shudder)? To lose the extra tummy weight.

The dreaded scale
The dreaded scale

Remember when I said it was my fault? Yeah, I eat too much. I will be the first to admit it, but it is said that the first step to solving the problem is to admit you have one. But look at it from my perspective. Due to having to work late some nights and constantly moving between places during the year (mine to his and vice versa), there has been a lot of late night eating (read devouring) of fast food. We did say that we would start eating healthy after the move but honestly, looking back at that Christmas food list I made last week, I’d have to say that plan was doomed from the start.

So for this New Year the new plan involves losing all the tummy weight. Let’s see how long I stick to it. I wonder though, is it a New Year’s resolution if you’ve been saying it for the past few months?

Anyway, happy New Year everyone!!!!