Good morning everyone, and welcome back to The Mumbler. This week has been a hectic one. My Significant Other (SO) and I moved to our new place on the weekend and since then we have been unpacking, cleaning, tossing out stuff, decorating and organizing. Trying to get things done. Throughout this entire week long and counting process I have hit my head twice, gotten upset with him four times, made friends with most of the landlord’s dogs and finally got the internet installed (yay Digicel Play!!!!!).

This move is a big one for both of us since we have never moved in with a SO before. Both our families support us, which is a great relief, believe me. Don’t think that we rushed into this move, we have been discussing it for over 8 months, weighing out the pros and cons of the situation, debating over whether this step is the right one. After a week of struggles and disagreement I have to say that I do not regret this choice. Why? Because despite the bad stuff that happened, no matter the friction, we always make up, and this I believe helps to sustain a strong relationship.

Making each other stronger

But I’m rambling now, started with the move and ended up talking about my relationship. That’s a discussion for another day. Let me just end this mumble by saying that moving is a very long and tedious task and I feel for those who have and will undertake this task. You poor souls.